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B A C K G R O U N D   M A P S   F O R   Y O U R   L O W R A N C E   U N I T

            NOW WITH KILOMETER MARKERS!!           
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Our maps have been tested on the following Lowrance units...


AirMap 1000 GlobalMap 6000C LCX-15MT
AirMap 2000C GlobalMap 6500C LCX-17M
AirMap 500 GlobalMap 6600C HD LCX-25C
AirMap 600C GlobalMap 7000C LCX-27C
Elite-4M GlobalMap 7200C LMS-330C
Elite-4M Gold GlobalMap 7500C LMS-332C
Elite-5 GlobalMap 7600C HD LMS-334C iGPS
Elite-5M GlobalMap 9200C LMS-335C DF
Ellite-7 HDS-5 LMS-337C DF
GlobalMap 3300C HDS-7M LMS-339C DF iGPS
GlobalMap 3500C HDS-7M Touch LMS-480M
GlobalMap 3600C iGPS HDS-8 LMS-520C
GlobalMap 4000M iFINDER LMS-522C iGPS
GlobalMap 4800M iFINDER H2O LMS-525C DF
GlobalMap 5200C iFINDER Pro LMS-527C DF iGPS
GlobalMap 5300C iGPS LCX-104C M56 S/Map
GlobalMap 540 LCX-110C M68C S/Map
GlobalMap 540C LCX-112C XOG
LCX-111C HD  

Lowrance Elite-4M Gold
( used on a motorcycle )
( click here for picture )

Download a Lowrance
GPS Emulator Here

The chip will work on most Lowrance units that accept a SD card.

Click on the area below for a screen shot of the detail.
(The pink line would be an example of a racecourse from a .usr file)

Ojos Negros Area Loreto
San Felipe Area La Paz
San Jose    

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and load onto an SD card (chip) that you provide.
Upon completing your order, a download link will be
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Just insert the chip into the GPS, and away you go.  The files will be read by the unit as a
background map.  All trails and waypoints already on your your GPS will still be shown. 
You can upload any valid .USR files to your unit to display over the background maps.

Is there a way to test if these maps will work in my GPS?
To determine if these map files will work on your particular model, please check above to see if your model is listed.  Below are links to a couple of sample files to use in your GPS to determine if these maps will work for you.  It is strongly suggested that you download a sample file to determine if the files will work in your unit.  As these files are basically software, ALL SALES ARE FINAL.**

The sample files are of the area just south of downtown San Felipe in the area of the airport, and should look something like the picture below...


Primary Features of the chip files...

  • Focuses exclusively on Baja California.
  • Developed by racers and chasers – for racers and chasers
  • Focuses primarily on “chase roads” as well as all Major Highways ...(read more)
  •   Now includes Kilometer Markers (BOTH LOWRANCE and GARMIN) ...(read more)
  • Secondary focus is on the "other" back roads that make Baja special
  • Includes city streets with street names (where known) ...(read more)
  • Ranchos with names (where known) ...(read more)
  • Locations of known Military Checkpoints ...(read more)
  • Major "points of interest" all along the peninsula (intersections and "junctions")
  • Contains the majority of back roads from TJ to Cabo along race courses ...(read more)
  • Pemex station locations for major towns as well as many smaller towns ...(read more)
  • Incorporates major topographical contour lines


The information on these chips is based on the combined efforts and experiences of family and friends, as well as information gathered from multiple race teams.  Our Baja map chip is the result of hundreds of cumulative years of racing, chasing, exploring, and extensive general research of maps, almanacs, and on online resources.


CHASE ROADS ...(back to top)

Yes, we have driven on a majority of the roads in the files.  All major highways are included in the files.  We have been on all of them.  In the beginning, the "chase roads" were added based upon all roads that "intersected" a race course.  As more and more of our secondary trips were recorded, we decided to add more roads to the file.  The addition of these roads has led to an incredibly detailed map south of the border.

Please note that locked gates are not marked in the file.  You may encounter a locked gate, making the road impassible.  If you do encounter a gate that is not locked, please be sure to close the gate behind you.

KILOMETER MARKERS ...(back to top)

 Click for

Kilometer markers have now been added for the following highways...
Highways 1, 1D, 2, 2D and 3 (both north and south of Ensenada)
Highway 5 and the Percebu Highway
BOLA Highway and San Javier Highway
Highways 53, 22, 286, 19 and other assorted roads...

STREET NAMES ...(back to top)

The street names were added based of what we could find on paper maps and in almanacs, as well as online resources.  They are as close as we could get them. 

RANCHO NAMES ...(back to top)

As we would pre-run, the ranchos we would pass along the racecourse would get marked.  Eventually we had a whole bunch of ranchos, some with names, and some without.  Consulting our almanacs, we came up with the missing names, so we added them to the files.  Some of the maps contradict each other when it comes to a name.


The marked military checkpoints in the file might be hit and miss.  Some of the checkpoints are a permanent fixture and are there all the time, and some are of the roving variety.  You may encounter a checkpoint that is not in the file.  If so, please let us know and we would be happy to add it to future releases.

BACK ROADS ...(back to top)

These would be the roads that are not really "race" related.  These are taken from our non-race excursions, and come from a plethora of friends and family have driven down a dirt road just to see where it goes.

PEMEX STATIONS ...(back to top)

These were only recently added to the files.  This is by no means an exhausted list of gas stations.  These are just the ones that we are aware of.  Every trip more new ones get added.  Baja is adding more and more every time we go down there.  If you have a favorite station that is not in the file, drop us a line and let us know where it is.

UPDATED IN 04-2015

Pemex stations are now classified with the type of fuel they carry as follows...
      - PEM M  (a Pemex station with Magna only)
      - PEM MD  (a Pemex station with Magna and Diesel only)
      - PEM PM  (a Pemex station with Premium and Magna only)
      - PEM PMD  (a Pemex station with Premium, Magna and Diesel)
This feature was added after racing the NORRA Mexican 1000 and needing to find stations that carried Premium to put in the race car.



**All Sales Final; Accessing and Risk of Loss.
All purchases of the Murdock Navigation Background Maps are final.  Once you purchase the files and we make them available to you, you are responsible for downloading and confirming your ability to access the files on your GPS unit, including retrieving the license key for the files if applicable, and bear all risk of loss thereafter, including any loss due to a computer or hard drive malfunction. If you  have a problem with the download link, or are unable to complete a download, please contact Murdock Navigation for assistance, and we will do everything in our power to help you out. We will usually continue making the files you have purchased available to you so that you can download additional copies of the background maps and retrieve your license key (if applicable), but that is not always the case, and we may limit or disable further downloads of the background maps due to licensing restrictions or for other reasons.




Every effort to make these maps as accurate as possible was used.  Due to the
variety of resources utilized to gain information to make these maps, some things
may have been overlooked, disregarded, or may be down-right wrong. 
You may see some islands in the file, but they are for reference only.  Please
do not try to navigate out to them.  We do not accept any responsibility
for any errors, omissions, flubs, or mistakes that the maps may have.

Upon purchasing the files (maps), the user accepts full responsibility for any damage
that might be caused or suffered by using this information.  Each user is responsible for
any damage that these files may cause to their computer and/or GPS. 
Murdock Navigation does not accept any responsibility whatsoever
for any damage caused by the use of these files.  Use at your own risk.

If you don't like these terms, please do not buy my chip. 
However, by purchasing my files, you are
bound by the aforementioned terms above.








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